Fairtex BJJ2 Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Pearl Weave jacket 550g w/Pants 245g rip stop


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The New Fairtex BJJ Gi called “Matchanu”
The New Fairtex BJJ2 GI Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Pearl Weave jacket 550 Gram with Pants 245 Gram rip stop


now available in A0, A1, A2, A3 size, with Blue color

The New Fairtex BJJ Gi called “Matchanu” now available.

– A0 A1 A2 A3 avaiable, please check sizing chart
– Jacket: Pearl Weave 550 gram
– Pant 245 gram Rip Stop
– Double stitching on ear pants
– Nylon pant draw string
– Packaging and product tag included
– Designed under IBJJF rule

Matchanu is a son of Hanuman and Supannamatcha. He has the body of monkey with a fish tail.
He serves in the pond guarding the underworld and holds the lotus as a weapon.
The Matchanu Model, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Training Set is a special limited edition
production line of the finest quality
with a Matchanu design based on the character from Ramayana literature.
The idea was to apply contemporary Thai art with original Thai design
to create a special product in an international style.
The Matchanu Model has been developed to be unique
and different from all existing products on the market.
Not only does the aesthetic value offer a beautiful background,
but we have also paid great attention to the quality of raw materials,
sewing and durability so that the quality is in every detail of our product.
The Matchanu Model is available in navy blue and painted
with the Thai lotus pattern on the rear,
whilst the collar and sleeves of the Matchanu Model
are printed with a delicate ancient Thai necklace pattern.
The special painting inside the shirt is designed by a professional Thai artist.

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