New Fairtex Super Sparring Head Guard HG16


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NEW Fairtex Super Sparring Head guard Best MMA Equipment HG16

Micro Fiber Head Guard
pre-order accepted for gold color as shown.

It ‘s the improved version of HG10.

Material is special thin spec of Micro Fiber in gold color while maintaining endurability to release better craftsmanship and shape of headgear. Thicker forehead and cheek padding. Deep ear for better comfort. Available in 2 graphic version.

General Features:

  • Comprehensive coverage to help prevent injury with ears, cheeks and chin protection. Features more padding on forehead, cheek and back strap while maintaining nice and clear vision
  • Feature more curve on chin protector to provide comfort to your throat and wind shield to the protector for enhanced safety and to simulate real fights for amateur competition
  • Soft inside but hard outside for maximum comfort
  • Special multi-layered high-density foam core for maximum protection and shock absorbent
  • Adjustable lace-up on top and adjustable padded back hook & loop closure for back of the head protection and secure fit

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